Todays Market

This is the #Market stage where everyone gets bored to death and loses interest. Stay interested, stay involved, be patient. Everyone who left will be FOMO pumping your positions to the moon when the market turns.

Congress Urged To Step Up Cryptocur

Stakeholders in the cryptocurrency industry have urged the U.S Congress to step up its legislative efforts or risk seeing the country fall behind in the emerging global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology narrative. Securities Laws Inadequate for Virtual Currency Oversight Recently, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) hosted over fifty digital currency leaders to a roundtable discussion at the Capitol Hill. Other attendees included Andreesse...

1Broker is under investigation of t

1Broker is under investigation of the SEC. We advise you to stop using the service for now and remove your funds. Statement regarding the SEC allegation: All funds are currently secure and we will fully cooperate with the authorities. If approved by the SEC, we will enable withdrawals for US customers as soon as possible. A more detailed statement will follow.